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The two EPs also discussed the implications of making the series about fascist rule and the resistance in troubled political times in the real world, what Philip K Dick would have thought of our era and the series.

The duo also hinted that there could be more of this saga, one way or another. Do the Nazis get taken down?

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David, do you want to take a stab at that? And I do think that we end on something that would be very familiar and I think particularly satisfying for PKD fans, and I would imagine that he would appreciate it a great deal, my father, that is. As the series now moves into its final season, I wanted to get a sense of, as much as you can, how you feel that the series has mirrored the time in which it has existed? One can look at A Night at the Garden, the Oscar nominated short documentary, where one can literally look at actual footage in of what transpired in this country. HACKETT: I think of all times to be dramatizing this novel, there may have been no better than now, this anti-fascist tale, and so I think during this fraught time, I think that it has been not lost on anyone on this show that this is a particularly important time to be, you know, having this discourse about the dangers of fascism.

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What one surrenders by conceding to the larger forces around them. At the same time, we appreciate this beautiful, extraordinary, talented team of family that we have who has produced this alongside us and that I think that the fans will be thrilled by the culmination. ZUCKER: Yes, and I think that could satisfy us when all is said and done that people feel, touched, inspired, challenged by what they viewed. But, you know, addendum to that, I think Isa and I both feel that there is a lot more story to tell in this kind of world. I think we all along kept in mind, spiritually and otherwise, that it would be consistent with what it was that he was trying to do.

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I would imagine, I would hope that, you know, he would appreciate that. We definitely explore that even deeper this last season than we have in the past. I think in Season 4 that that is something that hopefully people respond really well to. Subscribe to Deadline Breaking News Alerts and keep your inbox happy. All Rights reserved. You will be redirected back to your article in seconds. Read the full story.

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  8. Amazon The upcoming coming fourth season of the acclaimed Amazon series based on Philip K. Gregory did it all in the area of human rights.

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    He marched and raised money in the fight against Jim Crow. In the North he ran a few campaigns for office and even was a write in for president one year. The comedian should also be well remembered for his fasts. It endeared him to my generation which admired him for putting his body on the line. Some folks frowned when he delved into the health food industry but credit has to be given because he was one of the first well known Blacks to talk to Black people about eating healthier and considering a vegan lifestyle. He was a man, our man, a funny man that used humor to advance the cause of civil and human rights!

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