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These include among others : strikes in companies other then ITBholland, traffic hindrances, general transport problems and technical difficulties of any nature. ITBholland reserves the right to refer to force majeure if the circumstance which prevents execution of the contract occurs after ITBholland should have executed the contract. In cases of force majeure, ITBholland is entitled to defer execution of the contract.

Should the period of force majeure last longer than 60 days, both parties are entitled to rescind the contract without liability for damages. Should the force majeure occur after ITBholland has executed the contract in part, ITBholland is entitled to invoice the client for that part and the client must settle this invoice in compliance with article For each confirmed booking a contract will be made up stipulating the final schedule of pre-payments. This period is not applicable for pre-payments. ITBholland remains the right to cancel services in case deadlines for the first pre-payment is not honored.

Payments are only acceptable by bank transfer see our bank details under 9. In the event of overdue payment, the client will be in immediate default and required to pay statutory interest over the outstanding sum.

The Basics of Project Cost Management - Project Management Training

The condition stated in 4. On all our proposals, quotations and presentations the code of ethics laid down by the organizations of S. E and M. Share this page. To improve your experience, this website uses cookies. By continuing to browse through this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. You will hear from BlackLine experts on how they identify unique use cases and successfully address the most cumbersome, manual ticking and tying processes that still plague accounting teams today.

Riveron will also discuss how Jacobs tested multiple system configurations during implementation, and ultimately settled on a creative organizational and account structure. This allowed BlackLine to support both their account reconciliation and variance analysis processes. Oxford Economics found some organizations do this better than others. Engaging people, having an open mind to change old processes that are no longer effective and implementing the latest technology are all drivers for a successful transformation.

Learn more about how you can drive real change faster than ever before within your own organization.

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Speaker s : Rich Reimer - Sage Intacct, Sean Skuro - Tender Greens Presented by Sage Intacct - From big data and artificial intelligence AI to the subscription economy and cloud computing, modern finance is undergoing its most fundamental transformation ever. Today, it takes a data-driven finance leader—someone who understands and embraces the promise and power of technology—to navigate this exciting, uncertain future.

Attend this session and hear how Sage Intacct customers became data-driven finance leaders that proactively drive strategy and improve operations. Key learnings: 1 the technologies and skills you need to move to a digital, data-driven world, 2 how to graduate from Finance 1. We will be asking the panelists what success means to them and how they have achieved that success. Further, we will uncover challenges our panelists have faced during their careers and how they grew from those challenges. Speaker s : Dan Alvear - BlackLine Discover how items can be created from Transaction Matching data to support Account Reconciliations, Journal Entry, and Variance Analysis, as well as provide visibility into your business through views and reports.

Smart Close allows users to embed RPA into their SAP financial close processes, but did you know that it also integrates with other BlackLine products to create end-to-end automated processes? Join this session with BlackLine speakers Sebastiaan Van Der Gugten, Jarred Rutherford, and Kane Peschl to learn more about the power of Smart Close, and how you can use it to maximize all 24 hours of the day and streamline your period-end close.

Speaker s : Charity McKinsey - BlackLine Administrative tasks and responsibilities are critical to your overall success with BlackLine and ensure your BlackLine instance stays in optimal shape, no matter what stage of the game you are in. In this workshop, discover the various resources available to enhance your administrative knowledge. Learn how great visibility, efficiency and control can be achieved with this product. Understand the flexibility configurable Variance rules bring to your flux analysis process and reduce risk by monitoring flux at any point in your period pre- or post-close.

Public Improvement - Competitive Bidding method (PI-ITB)

Speaker s : Carly Knoll - Campbell's Preparing, approving, and posting manual journal entries during the month-end close can add time, stress, and risk. Some companies record hundreds, or even thousands, of manual entries every month and are turning to technology such as robotic process automation to decrease errors, shorten the close, and allow accounting teams to focus on more strategic tasks. In this session, learn how Smart Close complements existing functions in SAP by triggering, executing, and monitoring SAP closing tasks and workflow inside SAP, so you can spend your time focusing on exceptions and reports.

Speaker s : Barry Sack - BlackLine Join us in this session to obtain best practices for taking your account reconciliations to the next level of excellence, while mitigating risk. Along with standardized reconciliation templates, account rules, and other tools, we'll discuss various ways to manage your end-to-end close process, enabling continuous analysis. This approach will spur improvement in quality, accuracy, and efficiency within your Finance and Accounting functions.

Speaker s : Mark McDonald - CoStar Real Estate Manager Presented by CoStar - Experts with top accounting and consulting firms estimate that as many as 1 in 4 lease accounting compliance projects have experienced significant challenges with getting to the finish line. Whether still assessing the impact of lease accounting changes or reworking a troubled implementation, organizations can take a more strategic approach to lease accounting compliance—including Day 2 reconciliations with Blackline—by reviewing the best practices and insights from hundreds of successful transition projects.

Have you faced challenges when implementing critical software or process changes and would like insights on how other organizations have overcome them?

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Join Genpact and BlackLine's Accounting Innovations Team as we share insights based on our experiences with shared clients. Pull out your craziest 80s attire and can come prepared to dance the "Cabbage Patch" before you glide into "The Moonwalk" at this year's BlackLine Bash - featuring the Spazmatics!

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This fun-loving cover band combines outstanding musicianship with creative flair and style for an evening of high energy and entertainment. Did you recently opt to go the library instead of asking Google for some information? Believe it or not you can still buy ledger paper online! Technology has transformed so many of our activities and freed up our time to focus on other things.

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How we spend our time at work is directly correlated to the value we add to the business. Yet enterprise technology can seem daunting, systems are not built to naturally work with another, data lives in silos, and bringing it all together is often manual and chaotic. This chaos is often mistaken for complexity because it is we humans that historically had manage it. Binders full of account reconciliation data.

Manic close periods. For Duracell, this was the recent past—and with the help of BlackLine and EY, all that was left behind in a matter of months, through an accelerated but flexible approach that started in North America and spread globally. Discover how Duracell gained efficiency, visibility, and control with greater automation on just the first step of their journey.

A blueprint to measure your current state, prioritize goals, and build out a roadmap of targeted quick, medium and long-term activities for a successful journey to your end game. The framework focuses on 5 key areas: 1. Define and prioritize your goals end game 2. Identify the KPIs to track progress 3. Design a roadmap 5. Monitor progress. Hear how the company combined deep technical and digital skills with detailed industry and finance knowledge to deliver faster, sharper reporting insights, greater balance-sheet accuracy, and improved productivity with BlackLine.

Take invaluable lessons back to your finance team so you can transform your reconciliations process, too. She has long been a champion for social change and equality. King created new inroads for men and women in sports and beyond during her legendary career and she continues to make her mark today. Born in Long Beach, California, she first played tennis at the age of 11 in the public parks of southern California.

She went on to win 39 Grand Slam singles, doubles, and mixed doubles titles during her career. On September 20, , she empowered women and educated men when she defeated Bobby Riggs in one of the greatest moments in sports history—the Battle of the Sexes. In , in partnership with Teneo, she launched the Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative to address inclusion and diversity issues in the workplace. In addition, discover how Aetna found creative use cases for Task Management, such as gaining executive oversight and tracking journal entries. Further learn how to leverage leading practices from our SMART optimization plan so you, too, can achieve noticeable results.

The power of tools like Account Reconciliations, Matching, and Task Management creates opportunities outside of the traditional finance and accounting activities. Join this session to hear about some unique ways you can use BlackLine to gain even more efficiency within your organization. We will also have the privilege of hearing from a Vaco client who has embraced change and is finding creative ways to be even more efficient. KPMG will present its proprietary intercompany process decomposition and discuss the opportunity for process automation to help fully automate the intercompany process.

Specific sub-processes of the intercompany decomposition will be discussed in detail and used as use cases by BlackLine to highlight how ICH provides automation capability. Ample time will be allocated for audience questions. Speaker s : Jordan Kelley - BlackLine Learn more about how BlackLine's solutions and partnerships can give you the same advantages and save you money!

While it may seem that maintaining one software stack is safer and easier to maintain, BlackLine's integration with best-of-breed partners allows customers an improved user experience. Speaker s : Mike Gruehl - SiriusXM When SiriusXM set out to achieve end-to-end automation for their accounting processes, their transformation project expanded well past optimizing account reconciliations. After all, booking journal entries, tying out transactions between data sources, and reporting and analysis are all part of the reconciliation process. Join this session to learn how SiriusXM takes a Continuous Accounting approach to their processes using BlackLine's integrated platform. Speaker s : Patrick Hill - The Home Depot BlackLine is a unified cloud platform with a suite of products that work individually or operate together to create a powerful accounting ecosystem.

Like any strong team, BlackLine solutions work better together to deliver visibility and automation to your close. Join Home Depot in this session about the use of BlackLine as an integrated platform and learn how they moved beyond Account Reconciliations to optimize additional processes with Task Management, Journal Entry, and Variance Analysis. Speaker s : Carly Knoll - Campbell Soup Company, Ronald Mendoza - Delaware North When the Finance and Accounting teams at Campbell's and Delaware North selected BlackLine as their solution for the financial close, the organizations immediately embraced the opportunity to use multiple functionalities for maximum automation and integration.