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Inflation-indexed Securities. Bonds, Swaps and Other Derivatives

We can estimate the expected inflation component of nominal interest rates by calculating the 'break-even inflation rates', which are the difference between the nominal yield on a conventional government bond and the real yield on an inflation-indexed bond of the same maturity. Making sense of international interest rate movements.

Inflation-indexed bonds

An inflation-indexed bond that does not qualify for the coupon bond method e. Using a simple econometric model to proxy for expectations about current and future short-term rates, the authors succeed in replicating some of the observed changes in long-term inflation-indexed bond yields. Editors' summary.

Developing a liquid market for inflation-indexed government securities: lessons from earlier experiences. This regulatory symmetry works well when the rules are applied to either a traditional or an inflation-indexed bond subject to a discount whether arising on original issue or in a subsequent trade.

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Inflation-indexed debt instruments. Inflation-indexed bonds: a primer for finance officers. Treasury inflation-indexed bond , which provides protection against inflation by offering a constant real return for the life of the bond. Information Content of U. Treasury Inflation-Indexed Bonds.

Treasury inflation-indexed securities

The real price of the one-period inflation-indexed bond can therefore be expressed as Fisher's equation and the inflation risk premium in a simple endowment economy. While TIPS are young compared to inflation-indexed markets in some other countries, data on TIPS now provide researchers with a history spanning over a decade, allowing deeper analysis of fundamental questions in macro-finance, pricing, and risk management.

The conference brings together experts in inflation pricing and hedging, inflation-indexed issuer asset-liability management, and macroeconomics.

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A highlight of the conference will be the panel consisting of leading academics, current and former Federal Reserve and Treasury officials, and practitioners, discussing the welfare implications of inflation-protected securities. Audience The conference is open to academics, market participants, and other researchers in the field of economics. It is closed to the media. Conference ny.

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