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If unguided, it would be termed a rocket.

A bomb is neither powered nor guided. A guided bomb is called a "smart" bomb. If powered and traveling underwater, it is termed a torpedo.

Space rockets

The U. Minuteman 3 ICBM is a three-stage booster. The payload is a single W62 nuclear warhead with a yield of kilotons.

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The booster places the warhead on a suborbital trajectory. The detonation can be an air burst or ground burst. Rudder effectiveness depends to some extent on…. The rocket engine is different from these in that the elements of its propulsive jet that is, the fuel and oxidizer are self-contained within the vehicle.

The thrust level of a solid rocket is determined by the rate of burning of the propellant charge mass rate in equation [2] , which is determined by the surface area S c that is burning and the rate r at which the surface burns into the solid. Drag and weight are elements inherent in any object, including an aircraft.

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  7. Lift and thrust are artificially created elements devised to…. The pilot controls thrust by adjustment of the control levers for the engine. In an aircraft with a reciprocating engine these can consist of a throttle, mixture control to control the ratio of fuel and air going to the engine , and propeller control….

    At the beginning of the 19th century, sustained powered heavier-than-air flight remained an impossibility because of the lack of suitable power plants. The level of technology that would permit even limited powered flight lay over a century in the future.

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