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R Graphics Cookbook (Engels)

Books Science and Nature Science Mathematics. R graphics cookbook by Winston Chang 06 November Category: Mathematics.

This O'Reilly cookbook provides more than recipes to help scientists, engineers, programmers, and data analysts generate high-quality graphs quickly-without having to comb through all the details of R's graphing systems. Each recipe tackles a specific problem with a solution you can apply to your own project and includes a discussion of how and why the recipe works.

Most of the recipes in this second edition use the updated version of the ggplot2 package, a powerful and flexible way to make graphs in R. You'll also find expanded content about the visual design of graphics. Removing Tick Marks and Labels 8. Changing the Text of Tick Labels 8. Changing the Appearance of Tick Labels 8. Changing the Text of Axis Labels 8.

Removing Axis Labels 8.

R Graphics Cookbook by Winston Chang - PDF Drive

Changing the Appearance of Axis Labels 8. Showing Lines Along the Axes 8.

Using a Logarithmic Axis 8. Adding Ticks for a Logarithmic Axis 8. Making a Circular Plot 8. Using Dates on an Axis 8. Using Relative Times on an Axis 9. Controlling the Overall Appearance of Graphs 9. Setting the Title of a Graph 9. Changing the Appearance of Text 9.

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Using Themes 9. Changing the Appearance of Theme Elements 9. Creating Your Own Themes 9.

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Hiding Grid Lines Legends Removing the Legend Changing the Position of a Legend Changing the Order of Items in a Legend Reversing the Order of Items in a Legend Changing a Legend Title Changing the Appearance of a Legend Title Removing a Legend Title Changing the Labels in a Legend Changing the Appearance of Legend Labels Using Labels with Multiple Lines of Text Facets Splitting Data into Subplots with Facets Using Facets with Different Axes Changing the Text of Facet Labels Changing the Appearance of Facet Labels and Headers Using Colors in Plots Setting the Colors of Objects Representing Variables with Colors Using a Colorblind-Friendly Palette Using a Different Palette for a Discrete Variable Coloring a Shaded Region Based on Value Miscellaneous Graphs Making a Correlation Matrix Plotting a Function Shading a Subregion Under a Function Curve Creating a Network Graph Using Text Labels in a Network Graph Creating a Heat Map Creating a Three-Dimensional Scatter Plot Saving a Three-Dimensional Plot Animating a Three-Dimensional Plot Creating a Dendrogram Creating a Vector Field Creating a QQ Plot Creating a Mosaic Plot Creating a Pie Chart Creating a Map Creating a Choropleth Map Making a Map with a Clean Background Creating a Map from a Shapefile Output for Presentation Editing a Vector Output File Combining Several Plots into the Same Graphic Getting Your Data into Shape Creating a Data Frame Getting Information About a Data Structure Adding a Column to a Data Frame Deleting a Column from a Data Frame Renaming Columns in a Data Frame Reordering Columns in a Data Frame Getting a Subset of a Data Frame Changing the Order of Factor Levels Changing the Names of Factor Levels Removing Unused Levels from a Factor Changing the Names of Items in a Character Vector Recoding a Continuous Variable to a Categorical Variable Calculating New Columns from Existing Columns Calculating New Columns by Groups Summarizing Data by Groups Converting Data from Wide to Long Converting Data from Long to Wide Neem contact met mij op over Events Sprekers Incompany.

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