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The one thing I really liked was the concept of the Slow Bullets, a repository of personal data and memory. I wish that the book had taken the time to give a more thorough explanation of the concept. Next up is What the Dickens by Gregory Maguire. This one has been waiting on my shelf for a long time, and I'm trying to get to some of those books.

Synopsis: Malcolm is a schoolboy who accidentally intercepts a message intended for a spy. When that spy finds him he is drawn into a covert world of intrigue.


Malcolm is also a devoted fan and protector of Lyra, a baby being raised by some nuns at a nearby convent. Pullman maybe should have called the trilogy something else. La Belle Sauvage is divided well it feels like it at least into two parts. In the first half of the book Malcolm becomes involved with a government agency that is fighting a shadow war against another agency that wants to establish an authoritarian religious rule over it's people.

Somehow Lyra, a small baby being raised in a convent, is important to these plans, and it becomes Malcolm's task to protect her. The second half of the book is mostly concerned with Malcolm protecting Lyra and another character we are introduced to, Alice. What I really noticed about this part of the book is how the plot pinballed around. Malcolm and company bounce from one danger or challenge to the next, on a chapter by chapter basis, usually leaving one chapters dangers behind at the end of it.

It feels odd because most of these dangers don't seem to really have a longterm impact on the plot. The character building is good, with alot of focus on the building relationship between Malcolm and Alice. Malcolm is a likeable good natured kid, while Alice starts off a bit of a bitch. As the story goes on, this melts away and she grows closer to Malcolm which was a nice touch. We also gets seperate shots of Lord Asriel and the icy Miss Coulter including a delicious little rebuttal for her. Pullman is one of the few authors, possibly the only one, I'm not sure who is capable of tearing me up.

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  3. Murder, mayhem, pillage and plunder: the history of Lebanon in the 18th and 19th centuries.
  4. The Devil s pany Benjamin Weaver book 3 by David Liss.

That said I think I expected a little more from the book. While the character development was good, it seemed to lack emotion in a way I remembered from HDM.

Still definitely worth a read; can't wait for the next two books to come out. Next is is another Alastair Reynolds book, Slow Bullets. This one is fairly short, so I expect to have another review soon. Synopsis: aSoIaF ugh, what an awful acronym starts out revolving around the stories of the Stark family, eventually branching out to encompass other storylines as well. From there the plot explodes into a plethora of monsters, magic, spies, Machiavellian scheming, wars, betrayals, conspiracies, and other juicy stuff.

Review: This is a tough one to review. Everyone has likely either read these books already perhaps multiple times or watched the tv show, or at least heard everything from their friends. So it is a little tough to write a review with anything that hasn't been said before. That said I'll give it a shot. George R. Martin G. Not that I'm not still on board with this series, I just need a break for awhile. The books are seemingly written to defy cliques wherever it can spot them.

What you expect to happen doesn't happen, and characters you like or dislike will die; often abruptly when they do.

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Each book is only set on a very, very vague kind of arc, although they don't really seem to have their own flavors. GoT for example, is all about political scheming, and aCoK and aSoS are about the wars that follow this scheming, while aFfC and aDwD deal with the aftermath and cleanup of said wars. The plotline wanders up to and through all these arcs. It is extremely difficult to pin down where, if anywhere, it is going.

The idea behind the plotlines seems to be that the journey is way more interesting than whatever the destination is. The one constant theme is that Westeros is brutal, unforgiving and treacherous. The characters are a huge bright spot in this series. There are a wide variety of them, and your going to love some of them and cry if and when they die , and hate others and cheer when they go.

There's a magnanimous lord with a difficult job to do, a good natured king who just wants to drink and party, a villainous noble scheming from the shadows, a brash knight with an ugly secret, a dwarf who compensates for his physical inabilities with intelligence and charisma I drink and I know things , and a mentally challenged stableboy who can only say his name HODOR. This is really only scratching the surface as G. The most important takeaway from this review, however, is that aSoIaF is brutal.

He doesn't write to make things more palatable for his readers, instead he tries to model attitudes that might be common in a more primitive or medieval society. I'm the sort of person who enjoys this sort of open honesty, regardless of how I feel about the things described, but I understand how other people may not be onboard with it. Summary: I loved these books, but I can see if they don't go well with other people. Most likely however, these books are on a track to be considered classics on par with Tolkien's Middle-earth.

I usually mostly read a chapter or two when I go to donate plasma, twice a week so it can take me awhile to get through books. This one has been going faster, however, and I'm very happy about that. I'm not at all liking this one.

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If your familiar with Song of Ice and Fire better known as Game of Thrones , you're aware that there are quite a few plot lines being developed and played out side by side in each book. In A Feast For Crows this becomes annoying as many of them have been deliberately left out of the book. Most of my favorites in fact. We briefly get a Sam chapter on the wall near the beginning, which is eventually followed by another Sam chapter not on the wall.

Arya gets similar treatment along with Sansa. Tyrion, Daenerys, and Davos appear to be completely absent so far, with the bulk of the chapters going to Cersei, Jaime and Brienne. The Ironborn plotline also significantly expands adding new characters, but little interest so far. An even more boring plotline focusing on events in Dorne is also introduced.

I think this one is going fast, because I just want to get through it and get back to the stuff I like in the next book. Synopsis: On the eve of an interstellar apocalypse, 7 pilgrims journey to the planet Hyperion, to meet the Shrike; a creature that moves backward in time and kills the pilgrims who seek it. On their journey each one tells their story of what brought them to that point. I have mixed feelings about this book.

Its slow going, and most of the stories take awhile to get going. There's very little action of any sort, and the deeper concepts may fly over some heads.

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It has some good twists, however, and the characters are filled out well. My main gripe with it has been that it ends without resolving the major plot points. I'm assuming this will be fixed in the sequel The Fall of Hyperion , but I still found it rather annoying. Synopsis: Ged is a young wizard of great potential, but reckless and careless for power.

When he unleashes a shadow into the world of Earthsea it seeks to consume and possess him. To defeat it he must learn its name, and face it. Acceptable An item with obvious and significant wear but is still operational.

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